Take Notes! Silly Sunday #1 No Jumps!

  •   15 玩家 Double Elimination
  •   Rivals of Aether
  •   2015年 December月 13日 4:00 PM GMT
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Welcome to Take Notes! Silly Sunday #1, a gimmick 'Rivals of Aether'-Tournament for players from Europe, held 13. 12. 2015 at 5:00 PM CET, hosted by the 'Rivals of Aether: Europe' Steam group and Discord server. Certain gimmick rules apply to this tournament, so please make sure to read the rules found below carefully.

Silly Sunday is a 'Rivals of Aether' Event for European players, held Sunday at 5:00 PM CET  (UTC: +1:00). Do not forget to check-in, starting at 4:30 PM! You need a Challonge account to register, check-in and report the score of your sets.

The Event will be organized by ERR_40. Please contact me using Steam or Discord in case any problem might occur.

Make sure to resemble your Steam name with your name in the bracket. It's mandatory to hang out in the 'Rivals of Aether: Europe'-Steam group chat while the tournament is running to easily find your opponents, report problems or just casually chat.

Rules and Guidelines:

BO3 Double Elimination Tournament with BO5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals. 

The twist is, all competitors must DISABLE the JUMP BUTTON. This means no Tap to Jump too.

Other moves that get you into the air are fine, aerials are fair game if you can use them and any other tech that you can do is all legal, just no jump button!

There is one additional rule for game balance, and that is no platform camping.

If you go on a platform for any reason, just drop down. You may not attack from a Platform. Aerials on the way down are fine. This is to stop certain goat based characters warping to platforms and raining clouds!

And remember, the goal is to have fun!

Have fun!


冠军: OddBod
有价值对手: Pat92
下次再说: HopeSSBM


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