Ignition #25

  • 14 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Rivals of Aether
  • 2018年 November月 30日 8:30 PM CET
  • Check in at 已关闭
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Hello everyone, Swordsplay here. I am going to be hosting a new weekly Rivals of Aether tournament called Ignition. These tournaments will be held every Friday, at 20:30 CEST, with Check-in starting 30 minutes before. If you have any questions or if some issue pops up, feel free to ping me on Discord in the RoA EU Server or PM me, my account name is Swordsplay #3159. If you have not joined the RoA EU Server, I highly recommend that you do. All tournament updates and other troubleshooting will be much quicker and smoother if you join the server, and you might even make some friends. Have fun.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Check in opens 30 minutes before tournament "begins." Failure to check in will result in automatic Disqualification. Once check in has finished, please be patient as some matches may have to be adjusted. Do Not begin matches until you receive notification that the tournament has officially started.
  • Double Elimination 
  • Bo3 Sets, except for Top8 being Bo5 Sets
  • Stage selected by striking between all  stages using the ingame method 
  • The loser of a game can change his Rival freely. The winner must report a potential character change to his opponent
  • Game crashes are reviewed on a case by case basis with the compromise solution being remaking the game completely. It's reportable when it happens more than once.
  • When your opponent is not responding for more than 10 minutes or if you encounter unbearable lag during a match, report it to a TO. We will look into the problem
  • Due to multiple complaints, users with unstable pings won't be authorized to register to this tournament. So far, banned users are : "TheClownster", "SheolZ" and "Corkxx"
  •  We are now using "Dave Stupids Rule".  During a set, unless both parties agree, you may not select a stage you have already won at.


冠军: Junkyards
有价值对手: FullMetalEU
下次再说: Readek


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